Frequently Asked Questions
A little early for a FAQ, so aside from the first one, which is actually the whole reason for a FAQ at this early stage, these are just things I think people *might* ask, or things I want to set straight from the start.

Actual FAQ:

  • This thing has been 'upcoming' FOREVER, what gives, and when will it actually start?! - This is a complicated answer. First you have to realize that this is the first story I have written in a long time, I am mainly a visual artist, so I am taking extra care with the plotting to make sure it's right. The second thing you have to realize is that the creative process is unpredictable. I need time to ponder things, design characters, locations, set up the timeline, and the story has snowballed, (read on in this FAQ, and you will see that the world is quite intricately planned out, it took time and research to get this level of detail) and it simply took longer than I expected. If I had more experience with writing, it would probably go faster, but I don't. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that. Thirdly, I am a person with a life outside the comic, not a machine. Real life crept in, and I had to deal with it. As for when it will start, it will start when it starts, I will not give any concrete date, as I will likely just blow it and people will be angry. It's a creative process, and it will be ready when it's ready. But when it DOES start, it will start with at least 3 years worth of updates already plotted and the major characters for those strips already designed, so it should (in theory) progress fairly smoothly.
  • What program do you use to create your art? - I use Adobe Photoshop for all the images, Adobe Fireworks for the imagemaps and rollover effects, and Adobe Illustrator for the dialogue (and header image). I also have a Wacom tablet.
  • What does 'Kentauroi' mean? - Nothing special, it's just ancient Greek for 'centaur'. Apparently, it translates literally into 'bull slayer' though I wasn't planning on any bull slaughter in the comic. See, I needed a short name that could be made into a domain name, it was available to be registered as a domain, so I named the comic that.
  • How do the centaurs feel about horses? Do they get compared to horses? - Actually, there are no horses in the area of the world where the story takes place. None of the elves have ever seen a horse, humans last saw a horse hundreds of years ago. The people ride deer similar to reindeer rather than horses. So, no, it doesn't really come up. Centaurs do not appreciate being compared to beasts of burden, or other animals, however, no. Most are pretty touchy about letting anyone on their backs as well.
  • What's your fursona/OC? - Sorry, but I am not a furry, I don't have any RP characters. I was frankly completely unaware that some people thought of centaurs as furries until pretty recently, I had greek myth/symbolism on my mind more than anything else.
  • Will you include MY character? - No.
  • But... they're really cool... - Still no. The story is pretty much set in stone, and I have all the characters I need, adding more would just be clutter.

Imaginary FAQ:

  • What 'rating' would this comic have? - It would probably be rated 'R' for graphic violence, mature themes, foul language, and possibly some nudity, though none will be appearing in excessive ammounts. I do not plan on including any sex scenes, though some sex will be implied, and there may be some heavy petting. Short version: I wouldn't let the kiddies read it, but if you're looking for porn, you'll be disappointed.
  • What is the government like? - The government is controlled by the elves, and is a sort of constitutional monarchy. While the King comes to his position by heredity, there are elected 'Lawspeakers' who serve as mayors of cities, or smaller lords presiding over manors, who gather twice a year or in times of need to form an assembly (based on Norse 'tings/things') where they reach group decisions and settle disputes, like in a parliament. The king's wife is always the high priestess of the elvish religion, and wields a great deal of power. Kentauroi (centaurs) and humans are not permitted to hold positions of power, goblins are considered to not be a part of the society, left alone simply because they live on land no one else wants (the swamp).
  • What is the religion like? - The humans and elves come from 2 different belief systems, since the elves currently hold all the power, theirs is the official religion of the land. The elvish religion is based on a triad of gods, a mother goddess named Ajura is the chief diety, she represents fertility and magic, the elves believe she is the source of magic, and that she gave birth to the world and all that is in it. There is also a 'father/protector' god, her husband, and a trickster god, their son. To tamper with the natural world is considered to be a grave sin, as it is an afront to Ajura's creation, which they consider to be perfect as is. The humans beliefs are based on a broad pantheon of gods, with gods and goddesses representing many different aspects of life. They believe the gods gave them magic in order to shape their own world, and thus often come in conflict with the elves. The kentauroi were created by the humans, and tended to default to their beliefs, but in recent times have tended to fall away. Recently, a new belief system has developed among the humans...
  • Elves are usually long lived, how long do the elves live in this comic? - Elves are capable of living to be around 250 years old, assuming they die of old age. However, living for several hundred years presents more opportunities to die of disease, violence or accident, so it is fairly rare for an elf to actually die of old age.
  • Are there half-elves? - Yes, but they are fairly rare in the pure-elf/human population due to social prejudices, and are infertile, so there are no quarter-elves or anything like that. However, the centaur population (which was created by magic) is not subject to the infertility issue, and those with elvish blood are considered highly desirable mates.
  • What's with all the earrings? - Only the elves are typically pierced, and it holds a meaning for them, they get a new earring every 10 years of their lives, so it is a quick way to determine how old they are. (though In actuality, I just really like ear piercings, I have 7 myself)
  • How common is magic among the population? - Magic is more common in elves than in humans, among the kentauroi it is virtually unheard of. Around 2% of Elves can use magic to any useful degree, and about 0.5% of humans have the ability, though it is forbidden for them to use the ability if they posess it. While technically possible for a magic user to do all sorts of things with their ability, most users find control over a specific element or type of magic most natural, and tend to specialize.
  • Okay, I get the inclusion of elves, humans and goblins... But why centaurs? - Truthfully, I had never been big on centaurs, though they have grown on me, they are fun to draw. The first time I ever drew a centaur was designs for this comic. (though I had *sculpted* one for my sister, who is a Sagitarius, and was big into Astrology at the time) I drew a lot of *mermaids* which are a similar idea, but mostly so that I could draw long swirly hair. No, the story started as a dream. And before you groan and think it will be lame because of that, just know that it bears very little resemblance to what could loosely be called a 'plot' in the dream (and no, it wasn't a sex dream). About all that's the same is the two centaur characters, Galen and Brom. While trying to figure out he story in waking hours, I realized my brain had attached the centaur form for symbolic reasons, the duality of man and beast. So it stayed.
  • What fonts are you using? - I use several fonts from Blambot, including CloudSPLITTER for the dialogue, and Dragon Bones for the captions. I also used Cry Uncial (modified) for the title graphic, Pristina for map text, and Csenge for the runes.
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